?!doctype html> Rolex watches VS nations, who is your dish?

Rolex watches VS nations, who is your dish?

Iwc count the high-end fake rolex watches of the public watch, Rolex counted the public swiss replica watches of high-end watch Rolex slogan is: understand the watch and do not understand the swiss replica watches will choose Rolex, and the nations are: only men's watch. Today to play watch home and everyone on the next two brands. Welcome to exchange. For all sorts of reasons, here on the two brands of the same price of 2 to compare. Rolex side, choose the new 116900, the latest Air-King all-steel models. RMB price in 40500. IWC here choose iw324002 pilots automatic section 36mm, domestic price ¥ 36600. Although the two models are not the same, then objectively speaking, it is difficult to find the same style, the same price. First back: appearance articles With two watches, are their own home entry section. 2 are used a circular body, coupled with a black dial. Coincidentally, these two watches, are designed for the pilot. Air-King VS Pilots, tell the truth 2 are direct competition style. 2016 Basel watch show Rolex to reproduce the latest launch of the Air-King, this watch diameter from the original 34mm jump directly to 40mm, IWC home than the big 4mm, for now the dial tends to become larger trend , It must be said that Rolex or with the soon. Second back: performance articles Rolex Air King IWC Pilots iw324001 Power reserve: 48 hours 42 hours Movement: self-produced 3131 35111 movement (ETA 2892) Waterproof: 100M 60M Material: 904L steel 316L Magnetically shielded: Parachrom gorgeous soft iron inner shell Accuracy: daily + -2 seconds Not mentioned Several major contrast, Rolex finished IWC, is to say that there is a little bit comparable, probably that technology is not high, then the actual effect of a good soft iron shell. But really want to say how the anti-magnetic effect, but also need to do after the actual test to know, where the right when the IWC victory, but in time this is 5: 1 victory. Third back: preservation of articles This is definitely to buy watches you must see, ah, do not tell me that everyone is selling the briquettes of land, bought the watch are piled at home. Watch this thing is often commonplace. So it is inevitable to consider the price of second-hand. This heroes are also used in the second hand watch circle for many years, IWC and Rolex is not comparable. I said no comparable is that China's second-tier cities amateur football team: Brazil national team such a gap. IWC you do not black me, then the second-hand market is really the case, this IWC 5 years after the price is definitely not close to five digits, and this new Air-King, 5 years after the phase 2 -2.5w should be proper. Start the price is almost the same, but second-hand out, then really sorry your wallet. Fourth back: subjective opinion articles 10w in this level of the watch, look at the above 3 points, it is difficult to have more than Rolex's. But look for a long time will be tired, then the United States sister you sleep every day boring. To go to Hong Kong (Japan is also almost), Rolex absolutely see you want to vomit, sitting on the subway, watching those holding the handrail wrist supremely Rolex, if you want personality, IWC is a good watch. Summary: Through the above analysis, for the kingdom and Rolex which is not the specific problem which watch is no way to make it clear that like the North and Tsinghua who can not speak a clear country from the most simple three To the most complex of the three questions are the most complex Rolex is only to the calendar and the clock function, but the complexity of the function is often with the motive is to prepare the watch is not suitable for wearing works of art and Rolex as a pragmatic brand Bi Qi Gong continue to promote the original function of the watch can be said that Rolex is the daily wear products Rolex is above the standard of art in accordance with this standard in some countries are some of the works of art is suitable for daily wear of consumer goods from the actual experience in terms of the quality of Rolex What is better, whether it is time to go or the quality of the works of the world made of those works is not necessary because the art itself is not used to contrast but to appreciate